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Frequently Asked Questions

How good is your wifi really?

We have made multiple upgrades to our wireless and all rigs should have good signal strength in the park. Additionally, our service provider has installed dual connections for redundancy and we actively manage our bandwidth to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy our WiFi. Our WiFi is optimized for web browsing, email, and video streaming. We reserve the right to throttle bandwidth intensive users during peak hours to ensure that everyone has equal access to the internet.

Do you offer early check-in or late check-out?

Early check-in / late check-out may be available on a limited number of sites except for Saturday, some Sundays and holiday weekends depending on availability. If the site is available early check-in / late check-out is available for an additional $15. When available, late check out is no later than 4pm. Customers wishing to stay past 4pm will need to pay for another night. Please notify us when booking the site since we have a limited number of sites we can offer early check-in/late check-out on, especially during the summer season. We do not allow late checkouts in June and July. 

IS the water at your park safe to drink?

Unfortunately drinking water quality is a common problem throughout the midwest.  Due to our close proximity to farmland, our water has elevated nitrate levels.  The EPA advises that infants six months of age or less or pregnant or nursing mothers not drink the tap water.  Reverse-osmosis filling stations (for large jugs and cups) are available at the back door of the main building and inside the building to provide nitrate-reduced water for all our guests and their pets.  
We take water quality seriously.   Our water is tested quarterly. We firmly believe that the only way to ensure safe drinking water at our park (or any other) is through reverse osmosis.  This is why we have invested in a large capacity reverse osmosis and encourage all of our guests to use it as their drinking water source for themselves and their pets.

Why is your occupancy based on six people and why don't you charge extra for all your amenities?

As park owners and RVers ourselves we understand the frustration of showing up at an RV park only to see the rate double when we tell them there are four of us and we have pets. We believe in charging a transparent and fair rate to our customers, especially those on a budget. We only charge $5 per additional guest over the age of 4 and we do not charge for pets. We also include as many amenities as we can in our base rate.

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I am not sure whether I will be able to make it to your park before dark, so will there be someone there to assist me with check in?

The park owners live at the entrance to the park and are happy to assist customers at all hours. Simply call the main number or ring the front doorbell. We answer the phone during office hours but respond to urgent messages at all hours. In the event that there is no answer leave a message and we will get back with you immediately. You can also send us a text!

Do the owners really live on-site?

Yes we do! In fact we live in the campground and utilize the same facilities as our customers. When you stay with us, you are staying at our home! We actively manage and monitor our park using the latest technology. You can rest assured that if there are any issues in the park we are readily available and happy to assist!

Why do you only do curbside trash pickup and why do you no longer have a large dumpster?

First and foremost curbside pickup is an important convenience we wanted to offer our customers. Additionally, being in the outdoor recreation industry we take our relationship with the environment seriously. Unfortunately due to our location recycling services were not available. In an effort to keep our rates low and our environmental impact lower we haul trash and recyclables ourselves.

What discounts do you offer?

We offer discounts to seniors (55+), returning customers, Escapees, and Dyrt. 

Why do you require full payment for a reservation?

The pandemic has changed the way we all do business. We have found that by collecting the full amount we can offer a better experience to our customers at check-in by having everything ready when you get here. This significantly reduces the amount of time it takes for you to get back to your site and relax while also giving us the option to provide you with a contactless check-in.

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Do I really need a reservation?

We typically fill on weekends between Memorial Day and Labor Day, weekdays can get busy but we usually have availability.  All weekends in October we do Halloween activities and reservations are strongly recommended in advance.  All of our availability can be viewed online, so if you are curious how full we are you can check our availability in real time up until 9pm the day of arrival, just click on "book now" or "check availability".

I just bought a new camper. Can you guide me through my first trip?

Absolutely! Just call our office and let us know you are new to Rving. We will walk you through the registration and site selection process. If you would like some help getting setup for the first time we can be there to answer any questions and assist as needed without drawing a crowd!

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